5 Travel Blogs I Love To Read

2015-02-14 11.24.23Over the years, I’ve developed an obsession for reading travel blogs. It’s one of my favorite pastimes. I especially love reading personal stories about people (even if it’s not travel related) because, well, I’m nosy. I love reading about places I’ve never been to. I love reading about places I have been to. I love reading about it all. I love it when I read about two travel bloggers falling in love and getting married. Or when they experience heartbreak. Or enter a hot dog eating competition.

It’s something that gives me motivation, ideas, tips and tricks. It’s something that entertains me and it’s something that has made me believe that travel is possible when I didn’t think that it was possible.

Getting lost in someone’s personal experience and words about a place, culture and cuisine can be resourceful, inspiring, and entertaining. Today I’d like to share 5 travel blogs that I love reading. Each has an unique way to discovering the world.

Unbrave Girl

10688165_10153430504649358_7605498907114045589_o Although Sally’s not doing much of travel blogging at the moment, she very kindly gave me permission to include her blog in this post. So with that said, when you visit her blog (and you will visit her blog, right?), don’t be alarmed when you’re not reading about her latest travel adventures in China but instead find a bunch of posts about her cat (George), which is just as entertaining. I promise.

The whole idea behind UnbraveGirl is that she’s a scaredy cat but pushes herself out of her comfort zone anyway. But she also knows when to take a break from pushing herself and binge-watch on the latest reality TV series. She’s lived in Asia for a good chunk of her life and is pretty well traveled even if most of her travels includes eating all of the things.

I love her for being so ridiculously honest and unbelievably hilarious – not because she tackled the Great Wall of China, which, OK I love her for that, too. When I met Unbrave Girl in NYC last year, she was just as fun to hang out with as she is in her writing. What I’m trying to say is that if you ever want to date a girl who watches cat videos, Sally is your girl. She’s currently living it up in Kalamazoo, Michigan and working at an university, drinking beer, and going to male strip shows (OK, fine, it was just one male strip show).

You can find Sally’s latest posts (can Cat photos) at Unbravegirl.com.

Waegook Tom

10954499_10152577769982186_25600519657982998_nFrom culture, food and gay lifestyle, Tom blogs about it all. He spent years in South Korea teaching English, and traveled quite a bit before moving to Taipei, Taiwan, where he is currently living as an English teacher. He’s also hanging out with his boyfriend and two new adopted dogs.

I find his writing to be genuine, charming, and informative. Also, I love stalking following him and reading up on his future travel plans, what he ate when he traveled to Hong Kong and how he’s keeping in shape. I love it when he shares his insights on gay travels, finds budget friendly places to eat, or writes about being selfish and choosing yourself.

Tom keeps it real and I’d totally have his babies if he weren’t gay. And I’m not just saying that because I’ve always had a thing for British guys. To read up on what Tom’s been up to lately, check out his really cool blog, waegook-tom.com.

 A Dangerous Business

IMG_3565Amanda is an ordinary girl from Ohio, who balances a normal life with amazing travel adventures. Instead of quitting her job to travel, she found one. Her lifestyle and work life fits perfectly with her passion to travel. Amanda doesn’t travel full-time but she travels quite a bit. Her blog, A Dangerous Business, is inspired to show people that you can lead a normal life and still travel.

I value her honesty like showing her readers how she funds her travels or listing why she’s not afraid to travel solo. Amanda makes me want to go everywhere and totally saved my butt when I emailed her in panic when I needed tips for New Zealand at the last minute.

She’s obsessed with New Zealand, likes to swim with all sorts of things, and has really cool travel tattoos. You can learn more about Amanda and read all of her travel posts at Dangerous-business.com.


SONY DSCI love the idea of budget travel though I can suck at it sometimes (OK, fine, a lot of the time). However, Agness and Cez strive in budget traveling and have built a very resourceful blog around the idea that traveling can be possible for less than $25 a day.

They’ve written about places such as Taipai, Paris, and Seattle on a budget, but also shared information on places that are really expensive such as California and Sydney. They also share their travel experiences like when Agness would rather go hungry than eat Filipino street food again. Or when Cez was injured and learned about Chinese Medical Care. I find their honest insights fascinating such as Agness’s love/hate relationship with the Singapore airport or a disappointing Airbnb experience. And Agness totally makes me want to go to Amsterdam (where she’s currently living at the moment).

I’d travel with Agness and Cez any day, especially if that means spending less than $25 a day (seriously, how do you guys do it?!). They’re young, they’re hot, and they’re polish. What more could you want in budget travelers?

Visit etramping.com for budget travel tips and fun stories.

 Nomadic Chick

IMG_4677After quitting her corporate job in 2010 and leaving a life behind a desk for a nomadic life, Jeannie has volunteered in India, taught English in China, and ran with bulls in Spain. Over the years, she has become a great role model for female travelers everywhere. Jeannie’s writing is so beautiful that you can’t help but fall in love with her.

I met Jeannie last year at the Women’s in Travel Summit where she was the Keynote speaker. She’s just as outgoing (and quirky!) as she is in her writing – every word written to empower even when life doesn’t go as planned.

Nomadic Chick is creative, informative and full of travel stories. She makes it clear to her readers that travel is possible no matter what age, and continues to travel the world as a solo female traveler.

You can find Jeannie’s latest travel tales at nomadicchick.com.

Travel blogs are a great way to connect with people, learn more about a destination, and myths people have about traveling. What travel blogs do you love to read?


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  1. Thanks for featuring me here, lovely! The keeping in shape isn’t going quite to plan at the moment….as in, I don’t even have a plan. Although the dogs are doing just fine. And by just fine, I mean they’re sleeping, because it’s raining outside and none of us want to go out (I made that decision for them).

    p.s. come to Taipei.
    Tom @ Waegook Tom recently posted…It’s Akihabar-my!My Profile

    • Yeah I don’t have a keeping-in-shape plan at the moment either, despite joining a gym since being back. I’ll start planning a trip to Taipei 😉

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  3. These blogs are super cool, not just for their solid content as you note above, but also for the implications they hold helping reconstruct perceptions.

    They are friends, leaders, students, and mentors, as you are.

    We live in good times…and it is awesome to be part of this community. 🙂
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