7 Updates On My Life In Melbourne In Celebration Of Completing 7 Full Months In OZ

I’M HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT I’VE COMPLETED 7 (seven!) full months in Australia.

2014-07-02 09.31.13

Australia Zoo

Yes, I’m just as shocked as you are.

I feel like these pass seven months have been both short and long. My journey started out in Sydney where I did some touristy things, met a ton of cool people in the hostel I stayed in, and painfully looked for work. After not being able to find work 5 weeks in, I decided to move on.  Sydney was nice but I didn’t get that certain feeling that I was looking for. I’m not sure what kind of feeling that is, but I didn’t really feel it. I do plan to revisit at some point. However, during this point I felt like it was time to move on.


Sydney Opera House

I then moved to Brisbane, which wasn’t the best decision on my part. The weather was nicer, but still a bit bipolar. It was a small city filled with little quirks. I mostly enjoyed taking walks around the city, near Southbank and along the river.  Along my walks I loved walking by the casino, which lit up at night in bright colors – changing colors every few nights, sometimes it was multicolored.


Brisbane, Treasury Casino & Hotel

My second week there I started a job, which I precisely quit after two days. It was one of those jobs where you had to stand on the street and bother people. I hate these people, and from a moment of weakness, and the reducing amount in my bank account, I was one of them for half a day. After realizing how much I hate it, I quit.  A few weeks later I worked in a hostel, which I also ended up hating and quitting. Read all about it here.

From there, I headed to Melbourne – where I am currently residing. After living here for a few months, I like it. It has creativity, culture and art and a public holiday for a horse race.

While this journey hasn’t been easy, it has been everything. Getting on that airplane 7 months ago, with a one-way plane ticket in my hands, was possibly the best thing I could have ever done for myself.

If I didn’t get on that airplane, I would have never been able to discover a stronger, more capable side to me. Many have said to me that I’m brave. Perhaps yes, bravery had a role in this. However, I think the reason why many people don’t just hop on an airplane and fly to the other side of the world is because it’s risky. It doesn’t guarantee anything.

There’s nothing in writing that says that you will be successful or that you won’t end up living underneath a bridge.

It’s unsteady.

It’s not guaranteed.

Let’s face it: it’s risky.

However, in the 7 months that I’ve been in OZ, I’ve realized that I’m worth the risk. I’m worth every second of this experience. I’m worth every challenge I’ve had to go through (and will continue to go through). I’m worth seeing if there is more to life. I’m worth the risk.

And if I didn’t get on that airplane, I wouldn’t have grown in independence, confidence and unsteadiness. I wouldn’t have taken a risk – a chance on myself.

With that said, since it is my 7-month anniversary and I am guilty of not writing that much lately (like, um, have you noticed I haven’t written anything at all in October?) I would like to share 7 updates of my life with you in while I am currently residing in the beautiful city of Melbourne at the moment.

Yarra River Docklands

Yarra River Docklands

#1 I Have A Job (For Now)

A few weeks after arriving in Melbourne, I was hired for a contract role doing admin work in a hospital. The job itself is actually kind of cool as I am doing work that I’ve never done before and the people I work with are kind and often curious about me and offer suggestions on things I should do in the state of Victoria and in Australia in general.

However, the job will be ending in the near future as they are interviewing candidates for my role who can work  long-term and has more of a background in healthcare. I am grateful for this job as it came at the right time or I would have had to title this post “7 Ways To Survive as a Homeless Person In Australia”.

#2 I Need 10 Alarms Wake Up Me Up

I’m generally a paranoid person and don’t like being late for things especially if I’m getting paid for it. Therefore, I do not want to oversleep. So the only solution is to set 10 alarms on my crappy Aussie phone and hit snooze every time any of them go off.

A Little Coffee In The AM

A Little Coffee In The AM

#3 I Use One Of My Roommates As A Human Alarm Clock As A Back Up

Since my Thai roomie (yes- the one who I made go to a male strip show with me) wakes up for school around the same time I wake up for work, I’ve made a verbal agreement with her to make sure I’m out of bed by a certain time. And if I’m not, she is free to pour water on me. But she never does. I think she’s too nice to pour water on people while they are sleeping, even if it does take her 4-5 tries to actually get me out of bed.

#4 I Take The Train To Work

My job is a suburby area and I live right in the heart of the city. The commute isn’t bad. It doesn’t take me too long to get to work. The fare to get to and from to work, however, is crazy expensive. I’ve also been fined on the train twice for ridiculous reasons.  But because I’m a traveler, I think I can get away with it.

A Little Coffee In The AM

A Little Coffee In The AM

#5 Gilmore Girls Is Now On Netflix ( ALL 7 Seven Seasons)

OK this has nothing to actually do with Australia (actually, I don’t think most of these updates have anything to do with Australia) but I am currently watching it in Australia, so see how it relates? And it would explain why I haven’t written much lately because I, apparently, need to watch all 7 seasons NOW. It’s one of my favorite shows of all time and OMG-I-Have-To-Watch-All- 7-Seasons-Now.

#6 I’ve Done Some Touristy Things In Melbourne And Gone On A Few Day Trips

Like going on a wine tour in Yarra Valley.

wine tourAnd going to on a tour to Phillip Island  and surrounding areas on a very cold, rainy day.

See? Don't I Look Cold?

See? Don’t I Look Cold?

And a couple of weeks ago I went to Puffing Billy and rode the famous puffing billy train.

DSCF0211#7 I Still Don’t Know How To Cook And, Quite Frankly, I’m Still Wondering How I’m Alive

This was my latest creation.


Well, there you have it: 7 Updates On My Life In Melbourne In Celebration Of Completing 7 Full Months In OZ

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m in the middle of season four of the Gilmore Girls.

Have any cool or not-so cool updates in your life? Share! 


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