A Reflection On 2015

IMG_6753Wow. It’s been quite a year.

The year started while I was in Australia watching fireworks light the sky in Melbourne after escaping an awkward rooftop NYE party. I also published a blog post stating my goal for 2015, which was to work on my writing.

Although I accomplished a lot in 2014 in terms of travel, I was quite disappointed in myself for not being the writer that I thought I would be by now. In that blog post stating my writing goals, I wrote this: “I have a brain, a laptop, and a freaking Journalism degree. So what’s stopping me?”

Fast forward to the end of 2015 and I still don’t have a concrete answer for myself. But I have learned this: writing takes time, dedication and can’t only be done “when you feel like it”. Feeling inspired is cool. I’m all about inspiration. But you must take action and write on days when you feel uninspired, too.
12138519_10153302355546633_5605101790076653089_oSo overall, my writing goals didn’t go as expected. I didn’t write as much as I wanted on this blog and I didn’t try to build a freelance writing career. But in 2015, I did start seriously drafting an idea for a nonfiction book and the past few weeks I’ve been working on that. This year, I also planned to attempt Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) but then became overwhelmed with the outlining process and didn’t actually do any of the writing for it. I still want to continue with the outlining process and create a strong story idea. And to keep myself inspired and motivated, I’ve joined writing groups where other writers meet up, sit together, write together and hold a discussion about projects we’re working on.

IMG_3527In March I came back to the States from Australia after feeling really burnt out and overwhelmed with long-term travel and decided to take a break. And in April I started a contract job that had nothing to do with any of my goals in life but I needed money, so I took the job.

Meanwhile, I tried to stay active by dragging myself to the gym 4-6 times a week in hopes that I would lose the weight I gained in Australia. And you guys want to know what I learned? Losing weight is hard!

Dragging myself to the gym while wearing my pink pants.

Dragging myself to the gym while wearing my pink pants.

I did manage to lose a few pounds but I’m stilling carrying around my Australia weight (whatever, I need a memento from OZ anyway). This probably had more to do with my crap diet and less to do with how many times a week I dragged myself to the gym. Even so, excising was good for me. I became close with my fitness instructors and I got really into weight training and started lifting heavier weights when I was able to.

This year came with many ups and downs. December was a pretty crappy month: lost my job, got drunk at a Mariah Carey concert, and for the last two weeks I’ve been sick.

I did visit four countries this year (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and The Bahamas) and managed to take trips to Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Michigan and NYC in the states. So was 2015 really that bad? I guess not. Even so, I’m kind of ready for new adventures for 2016.

Well, Enough About Me. How Was Your 2015?

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  1. The writing groups sound like a great idea and discussing your writing with others will definitely help.

    Best wishes to you for 2016. Hope to read more of your blogs in the new year.

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