When You’re Traveling Long-Term, You Don’t Buy Crap

11834797_10153168353236633_1193803802024754163_oHey You Guys,

Happy Sunday!

Or, Happy-End-Of-Sunday-Holy-Crap-Tomorrow-Is-Monday!

I know, I know. I’ve been slacking on the whole blogging thing. My bad.  I wish I had a good excuse as to why I’m not writing about all the many things I still want to write about, but I don’t.

But you guys will (hopefully) soon be reading all about my Mariah Carey Vegas experience and how my family cruise to the Bahamas actually was and not just show you a bunch of pictures of all the things I ate. And I still have to write about my month long trip with my dad earlier this year and did you guys know that I’m trying to lose my Australia weight… and man, it is not easy, especially when you find yourself on the couch eating nachos. Because that’s apparently the first step to losing weight.

And, Fiji. Yes, I will write about Fiji.

I promise.

But right now, let’s talk about how I spent my Saturday night listening to Mariah Carey for hours while going through the majority of my clothes and putting together outfits, and in one case, hand making an outfit. OK. So I didn’t exactly hand make it  as I took a pair of scissors and started cutting and hoped for the best. I think it looks pretty cute. But then again, I think a lot of things are cute. So, really, my judgment means nothing.

Ahem. Anyway, as I was lip-synching to Mariah and pretending that I was her while having a dance party in front of a full-length mirror and experimenting with my clothes, I realized that I have way too many clothes. Like, way too many clothes. And it’s kind sad because I spent my Saturday afternoon online shopping for more crap that I didn’t really need. And you want to know what’s even more sad? I’m not done shopping. I need warmer clothes because the weather is getting colder. And say what you will, but I want UGGs. And a new dress. And a new necklace to go with that dress. And I want all of the winter accessories. Not just black and pink fuzzy high-knee socks which I picked up from Target yesterday because fuzzy socks, you guys.

Yup, I want all of the things. ALL OF THE THINGS.

Yeah, yeah. I know things can’t buy you happiness and whatnot. And beauty comes from within and not from your fuzzy pink socks. But FUZZY SOCKS, you guys! I’m certainly nothing like these guys who call themselves The Minimalists, but after I came back from Australia, I thought I learned a very valuable lesson: You don’t need a lot of things to be happy or survive because they’re just things.

And, yes, partly why I had to stop myself from buying things many times was because I only had one suitcase. And if I bought all of the things then I couldn’t fit it into my one suitcase. So I bought a few things here and there and got rid of things to make room for new things and I somehow made it work.

I mean, I bought this fabulous dress that took up quite a bit of my suitcase space and still somehow made it work. But I also got rid of things or gave it away. Like the Justin Timberlake mug I got with my concert ticket in Australia. I freaking loved that thing. I drank out of it almost everyday – coffee, tea, sometimes even wine. And when I started moving around again, I tried to hold on to it as best as I could. I took it to Tasmania with me. I took to the outback with me. I took it to South Australia with me. I even took it to Sydney with me. But in the end, I had to leave it behind. Why? Because as much as I love Justin Timberlake, that mug was a pain in my ass.

Ain't Nothing Like Drinking Wine Out Of A JT Mug

Ain’t Nothing Like Drinking Wine Out Of A JT Mug

At Least I Didn't Get Rid Of The Dress.

At Least I Didn’t Get Rid Of The Dress.

Anyway, even though long-term travel may not be for me, I must admit, I kind of liked not having a lot of things.

Pretty much everywhere I went, people said the same thing to me – “you don’t have a lot of stuff”. At first, I didn’t know how to react. I kind of felt like I was doing something wrong, like maybe I should have a lot of stuff. I mean, to be honest, it felt like I had a lot of stuff, especially when I was traveling from point A to point B. But many travelers I’ve met had way more stuff than me. Some had two large suitcases and a backpackers backpack, and just looking a them made me exhausted. There was only one instance when someone said to me… “you have a lot of stuff”. I was kind of taken aback. And then I looked at what she had and all she had was a small backpack. That’s it. Then I felt bad about what I had.

If you’ve traveled long term before, you know what a pain it is to carry crap with you everywhere. That’s why I tried not to buy a lot of stuff. Not because I’m cheap. But because I’m lazy.

Me And My Crap

Me And My Crap

But since coming back to the states, I went from owning clothes that could only fit into my suitcase to owning clothes that soooooo just won’t fit into my suitcase. Because, you guys, it’s kind of nice buying this and buying that and not having to worry about shoving it in your suitcase.

However, when I only had a limited amount of clothing, I must admit, I was a lot more creative with my outfits. And, also, I never had to worry about what I was going to wear. Even when I was working in OZ, I had maybe 6 or so work outfits that I’d rotate, and that was that. And no one said anything. No came up to me and said, “isn’t that what you wore last week?”

Nope. In fact, people didn’t even notice. And when they did notice, they’d usually compliment my outfits with a “that’s a pretty dress” even though I wore that same dress about 20 billion times already.

But now, I have more than enough clothes then there are days in the week. And I‘m still buying more. It’s like I have a problem or something. And then I wake up one morning and think to myself, “I have nothing to wear.” I never had that problem in OZ. I’d wear whatever was in my suitcase.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is… well, I really don’t have a point. I just have a lot of stuff. And it ain’t all going to fit into my suitcase.

Now it’s your turn. Do you buy way more stuff when you’re not traveling? Or have you found inner happiness and don’t need fuzzy pink socks to define your self-worth? But, you guys, FUZZY SOCKS.

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  1. I totally resonate with this. When I went to Mexico, everything I owned in the world was in the backpack on my back. When I moved to Korea, 2.5 years later, I arrived with 2 massive suitcases, a backpack and a small carry-on suitcase. And somehow, I’ve only gone and accumulated more stuff!

    I have to pack up and move again soon and I know I have more than 2 suitcases worth. Definitely time to start selling and getting rid of stuff. It’s just not practical when you’re constantly on the move.
    Ceri recently posted…My Decision to Leave Korea & Move to Another CountryMy Profile

    • I hear that. It’s hard when you’re in one spot for a long time and you just want to buy all of the things. Good luck with packing for your move!

  2. I think that when you have more space and more options, one tends to buy more.

    Guess that you could always donate to others less fortunate or even put them in consingment shops in order to earn a few bucks for a new trip with cloths to fit in your suitcase.

    Glad you held on to the sexy black address and looking forward to a dress parade with your new acquisitions and new plans.


    • Yeah, things are just things. And it’s near impossible to travel with all of the things. You can do it, but you’ll probably be really miserable.

  3. This was indeed a funny post to read 🙂

    The desire of buying or owing certain things sometimes just depends on the period of your life you are living. There are moments where I just want to save for more important things, there are others in which my materialistic side shines at its best.

    However, truth is, when you move or travel around consistently, there are things that will be left behind (sorry for you JT mug) but at those moments, they just remain as memories of part of one’s life. I certainly regret loosing a LOT of things at times, but that’s just how it works I guess.
    Loose Translations recently posted…5 Places to Eat in TokyoMy Profile

    • Sometimes it’s just nice to have things. But it’s also nice to not have things. Things sometimes just get in the way and weigh you down. But I do agree, it depends on the period of your life you are living.

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