3 Tips For Going “Clubbing” When You’re An Introvert

IMG_2371The goal for the night was simple: get an espresso martini. I was craving one and I knew exactly where I wanted to go. It was a rooftop bar, located in a small and slightly hidden alleyway in the city of Melbourne called Hardware Lane.

It was filled with restaurants, bars and men standing outside of their dining facilities trying to persuade you to dine in their restaurant and not the one next door.

This man was mad we didn’t go into his restaurant

This man was mad we didn’t go into his restaurant

Small alleyways in Melbourne such as Hardware Lane have an European vibe and feels like you’ve steps into another world.

IMG_2351It was my last night in Australia and I wanted somewhat of a celebration before heading back to the states. After all, I did survive a whole year overseas. I think that was a cause for celebration.

I gathered a few girls who were staying with me in my hostel and we went out. They all ate beforehand, but I had Aussie dollars I had to get rid of (I just had to make sure I had enough for my ride to the airport the following day and for coffee/food). I was going all out and eating out.

We stopped at a restaurant in a Hardware Lane where I ordered food and shared a bottle of wine with the girls while music played behind me.


IMG_2352 IMG_2354Then we walked a few doors down and went up to the rooftop bar (I can’t remember the name of it right now, but it’s within Hardware Lane and has the most delicious espresso martinis). Although the drinks were expensive, I had no problem gathering change from my wallet so I can get a second espresso martini (and keep in mind that change in OZ is worth A LOT since the $1 and $2 comes in coins and not bills).

I precisely apologized to the bartender and told him I was headed back to America the next day and handed him a hand full of change. In return, he handed me an espresso martini.

Last night in Australia means espresso martini

Last night in Australia means espresso martini

Gathering change for a second espresso martini

Gathering change for a second espresso martini

Then one of the girls suggested we go dancing. And I immediately felt that feeling that you feel when you don’t want to do something. I have no problem with dancing. I’m almost always up front in a Zumba Class. And I plan on making a YouTube video one of these days that will make me famous, which will lead me to Dancing With The Stars and then I can finally learn how to Waltz. I’m almost always uncoordinated but it doesn’t matter because you should always dance like no one is watching.

That was not the problem.

The problem was when anyone says, “let’s go dancing”, it usually means “let’s go clubbing”, which usually means “let’s go to an overcrowded place where everyone is crushed up against each other and pretend like it’s fun”.

The thing is, sometimes I’m not that great with people. Especially if they’re in my face and in my space. So when one of the girls who was with us that night suggested we go dancing, I hesitated a bit but then decided to go anyway because it was my last night in OZ and I deserved a little fun. I deserved strangers grinding up against me…er, OK, maybe not that.

So if you’re anything like me, a bit introverted or A LOT introverted and want to get away from people at the very sight of them, I’ve put together a few handy tips for you the next time you’re about to go “clubbing”. This applies to when you’re traveling or at home.

Tip #1: Go With The Right People

IMG_2358Get to know the people a little bit before you invite them out or before they invite you out. While traveling, this might be a bit difficult. But try having a conversation with them – find out what they’re hopes and dreams are, why they’re traveling, and then go out with them.

Tip #2: Make Sure You Know How To Get Home

Just in case the people you’re out with turn out to be completely different from the heart-to-heart conversations you’ve had with them or they turn out to be really annoying or jerks, make sure you know how to get home. Or, at least, know the address of where you’re staying if you’re traveling so you can look it up, ask someone or take a cab.

Tip #3: Leave

Chances are you’re going to want to leave. Sure, random people grinding up against you might be fun… for some people. And, yeah, it’s nice to stand in circle with your girls and sway from side to side and sing along to that 90s pop song you haven’t heard in forever. But after an hour of doing that, you might want to leave.

Don't Leave Before Eating ALL of the fries or "chips" as they call it in OZ

Don’t Leave Before Eating ALL of the fries or “chips” as they call it in OZ

Pay attention to how you’re feeling. If you’re having a great time, then stay. But if you’re feeling tired, annoyed, or just want to curl up and watch a movie, then leave.

There you have it. I hope you’ve found my introvert appropriate clubbing tips helpful. Do you have any tips for me? Please do share!

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  1. I hate clubbing. Hate it with a passion. Most of the people I hang out with know this now so if they want to go clubbing, they know that I’m either going to call it an early night before they head out or they just go on another night. I much prefer bars, and if I’m going to go dancing it has to be somewhere with loud music. Clubs freak me out. Too much grinding up against random people and techno music to get your head kicked in to hahaha
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