The Elusive Chanteuse Show‬ In Melbourne (Or I Had A Wardrobe Malfunction While Chasing Mariah Carey’s Car)

DSCF0035PLASTERED IN TEMPORARY BUTTERFLY TATTOOS, I waited for Mariah Carey to come out of the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne after her show finished on Friday, November 7, 2014.

However, I wasn’t alone.

I was surrounded by a group of people who I’ve met that night, also known as lambs.

In this particular case, Aussie lambs. Well, mostly Aussie lambs.

For those who don’t know, Mariah Carey calls her fans “lambs”. And, well, if I consider myself to be anything—it’s a lamb.

Love Me Some MC

Love Me Some MC

When her tour dates were extended to Australia, it was never a matter of “Should I go?” but a matter of “How can I get a front row ticket?”

I didn’t get a front row ticket as they sold out pretty quickly. However, I did mange to get a fourth row ticket and my view was pretty damn great.

My View

My View

Granted the last two concerts I went to in Chicago weren’t exactly what I was expecting.

My first Mariah concert in 2006, “The Adventures of Mimi”, I was stood up. It was the start of college and I stupidly bought two tickets and asked a boy who I went to high school with to go with me. He accepted and said he’d pick me up and then never showed up. In his defense, he got “lost”.

Lesson here: don’t ask boys you went to high school with to go to a Mariah Carey show with you.

(And those of you wondering, yes, I still made it to the show. Did you really think that I was going to let a boy stop me from seeing Mariah Carey?)

My second show was in 2010 during the “Angels Advocate Tour”, while I was in the last semester of my college days. I had a nosebleed seat. Like, really, really nosebleed. They put chairs behind the last row – that’s how nosebleed it was. And since there were no screens, Mariah looked nothing more than a stick figure.

Lesson here: don’t get a nosebleed seat to a Mariah Carey show.

But when “The Elusive Chanteuse Show” was extended to Australia and I happen to be in Australia, I knew that I had to go. Not just go. But, like, really go.


I Really Need To GO

I took a dress to change into at work on the day of the show and lightly played Mariah music throughout the day (and on occasion belted out “I can’t liiiiiiiveeeee, if living is without you).

I already had permission to take off early from work so I could make it in time for the VIP Pre-Show Party before the main event.

The train was late, the day was hot and I somehow circled around the wrong venue twice before realizing that I was not at the Rod Laver Arena. Luckily, I was about 5 minutes away from the right venue and made it on time.

There’s nothing like going to a VIP pre-party before a Mariah Carey show to make you feel all fancy pants. And I’m not just saying that because there was unlimited wine.

My Two Favorite Things: Mariah & Wine

My Two Favorite Things: Mariah & Wine

Between the five glasses of wine I had, the five vegetarian quiches I ate (thanks to the waiter guy who kept bringing me the only vegetarian thing at the pre-party), and chatting away with other lambs who also came solo, I knew that I was in for a great night.

We talked Mariah. A lot of Mariah. Discussing Mariah’s music to her personal life and it felt normal. Usually people give me crazy looks when I start talking Mariah. But lambs – lambs understand.

We Understand

We Understand

The VIP pre-party was really fun. And I’m not just saying that because there was unlimited wine. There’s something about waiters walking around with glasses of wine, beer and appetizers to make you feel all fancy pants.

There was a professional photographer taking photos, too.

Photo Credit: Ian Laidlaw

Photo Credit: Ian Laidlaw


Photo Credit: Ian Laidlaw

Photo Credit: Ian Laidlaw

Photo Credit: Ian Laidlaw

Photo Credit: Ian Laidlaw

We finally went down to our seats (through the secret entrance that only VIPs get), entering in the middle of Nathaniel’s (the Opening Act) performance. I strangely discovered that there was another girl named Priya sitting next to me. Like, right next to me. I don’t particularly like it when I meet other people with my name. I’m not sure if it was all the wine I had at pre-party, but I embraced her presence.

I had to pee twice before Mariah Carey hit the stage. But when she did, it was the most amazing thing ever.

DSCF0082Trying to scream, ”Mariah, I love you!” as loud as possible, and straining my throat in the process  – the show consisted of old school classic hits including “One Sweet Day“, which was sung as a duet with her opening act, Nathaniel. It was performed for the first time on this tour.

With a mixture of new, old and a little in-between, Mariah Carey sung her last classic hit, “We Belong Together” as the clock hit 11:30 p.m. or somewhere around there.

I wasn’t tired despite waking up at 6ish in the morning and having my roommate help me place temporary butterfly tattoos on my back (in honor of her butterfly era).

The glitter one is from the pre-party. The other two I got at Daiso (a Japanese inspired store where they sell everything for $2.80)

The glitter one is from the pre-party. The other two I got at Daiso (a Japanese inspired store where they sell everything for $2.80)

I didn’t feel tired but I felt… what’s the word I’m looking for here…


Not in a You-Need-To-Get-A-Restraining-Order-Against-Me way. But in a I-Love-You-And–Your-Music-Has-Impacted-My-Life-In-Ways-That-You’ll–Never-Know-And-I-Just-Want-To-Meet-You way.

The show ended and as many prepared to head home, I frantically started asking lambs around me, “Are you stalking Mariah Carey?!”

“No, I’m going home,” was the typical response I got.

One lady said, “yes”, and then being hopeful, I asked her how we should proceed.

“Oh, I don’t know,” she said. “I thought you knew.”


I’ve always wanted to do this – Stalk Mariah Carey.

Not in a You-Need-To-Get-A-Restraining-Order-Against-Me way. But in a I-Love-You-And–Your-Music-Has-Impacted-My-Life-In-Ways-That-You’ll–Never-Know-And-I-Just-Want-To-Meet-You way.

There was only one problem. I don’t exactly know how to stalk Mariah Carey. I don’t know how to stalk anyone.

But I had feeling that someone sitting around me would know how to go about this. Because if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that lambs are hardcore.

I eventually turned to Moman, who looked at me and although I’m unsure of his exact words, I’m pretty sure he said this:

“Yes. Stalking. Follow me.”

Photo Credit: Ian Laidlaw

Photo Credit: Ian Laidlaw

I was a little stunned. I half-expected him to give me the same crazy look as everyone else did. And who was this guy? Why should I follow him? Why should I trust him? It would be almost midnight, and I was in a foreign country and I’m not even sure if I remember where the train station was.

I should probably get home.


There was something about Moman that made me trust him, and made me believe him and made me follow him.

I don’t know how to explain it, but it was a lamb thing.

It was my gut feeling that he knew how to stalk Mariah Carey. And he knew exactly where to go and what to do and he was smart enough to get himself a front row ticket so if I was going to follow a strange guy at midnight, it would be Moman.

Following Moman led me to more lambs.

And the next thing I knew I was standing outside of the entrance of the exit where the lambs predicted Mariah’s car would come out.

“That’s where J.LO came out that time…” someone said. Who are these people? I thought. How do they know J.LO came out from there that one time?

I stood there for what seemed like hours. I started to feel tiresome, but refused to leave. The company that surrounded me made the process a lot less painful.

IMG_5717While waiting, I connected with more lambs. I explained to them why I didn’t have an Australian accent, and clarified to them that I did not fly all the way from the states to see Mariah Carey.

We laughed, shared Mariah stories and every time a car came out of the secret backside arena area — we chanted “Uh, You’re Thirsty”. We did this to partly entertain ourselves and partly to recreate a moment during the show when Mariah walked around the stadium having the entire audience chant “Uh, You’re Thirsty,” from her new song “Thirsty”.

Uh, You’re Thirsty

Uh, You’re Thirsty

While we waited, a car came out with Trey Lorenz, Mariah Carey’s Backup singer and was kind enough to take selfies with everyone. Um, everyone but me! Well, in his defense, everyone was kind of in my way. But I did manage to get this picture.

DSCF0122Then it happened – the moment we’d all been waiting for.

This was it. The moment I’d been waiting for all of my life. Yes, this very moment. I swear I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. All I could hear were people cheering.  All I could feel was my heart beating.

And there she was – in perfect backseat car lighting (if there is such a thing).

She waved at us from the backseat but the car did not come to a complete stop. Then, of course, I ran after the car screaming “Mariah!!” and, well, it turns out that the dress I wore wasn’t exactly made for running. Can anyone say, wardrobe malfunction?

The car came and went. Just like that. And, sure, I didn’t get an autograph or a selfie with Mariah or got to tell her how much I love her. But I got to see her wave. And while it may not sound like a lot, trust me, it meant a lot.

Thank you, Mariah Carey, for putting on an unforgettable show. I’ll have a wardrobe malfunction for you any day.

DSCF0088DSCF0058DSCF0091 DSCF0032 DSCF0005DSCF0074And Now For the Videos!

Mariah Carey Talking Melbourne Cup and Singing My All

Mariah Carey & Nathaniel – One Sweet Day


Have you ever stalked a celebrity? Tell me about it!







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  1. Oh, Priya! This sounds brilliant. The five glasses of wine, the five quiches, the wardrobe malfunction, the alternate Priya. I’m glad that you struck it third-time-lucky and had a better experience than you did in your first two shows. May there be many more Mariah concerts in your future!
    Tom @ Waegook Tom recently posted…My Winter To-Do ListMy Profile

    • Tom, I’m so glad I got to experience this. I’ve been a fan of Mariah for such a long time, and if you’re going to go to Mariah show, you should do it right!

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