Franz Josef Glacier Valley Walk

img_0833In a previous post I wrote about my experience hiking the Franz Josef Glacier.

However, I almost didn’t get that opportunity to hike the glacier. Luckily, I was put on standby for the following day and got in the tour! Franz Josef’s weather is quite unpredictable and tours are often canceled. I especially booked three nights in Franz Josef just in case my tour was canceled.

After my tour was canceled, I met someone by the tour office and we decided to do the Valley Walk together. The Franz Josef Glacier tour company offered to give me a guided walk, but I opted to do it myself.

(Note: you do not need a guide to do the Valley Walk. However, you do need a guide to get on the Glacier and do the hike.)

img_0818It was a little rainy on the day my Franz Josef Glacier hike was canceled, but it wasn’t that bad! We somehow ended up walking for about 5 hours (I don’t think the walk takes 5 hours but we were taking our time and taking a lot of pictures.) The Valley Walk is a very scenic walk that takes you up to the glacier and you can admire the glacier from a distance.

img_0830 img_0829 img_0828 img_0825 img_0824 img_0823 img_0821 img_0820 img_08191 img_0819If you don’t have the money for the Glacier hike (it’s pricey but I think it’s worth it!) or if your tour gets canceled, the Valley Walk is a good (and free!) option.

img_0843 img_0841 img_0840 img_0839 img_0838 img_0837 img_0836 img_0835 img_0831Have you ever been in a situation where something you planned was canceled? Tell me about it!

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