The Struggle Is Fucking Real (Also Help Puerto Rico)

The beautiful thing about setbacks is, they introduce us to our strengths. — Robin Sharma

I bet there’s something you’re going through right now and it’s just really, really hard. A job? A relationship? Going after your dreams? Money problems? Trying to drop a few pounds and button your jeans without feeling like you’re suffocating? Anything mental health related? Depression? Getting out of bed in the morning? A breakup? Can’t find the perfect dress?

It all feels like a really big deal when you’re going through it. Because sometimes it is a really big deal. No matter how major or small, it is your personal struggle and it’s not fair for anyone to compare your personal struggle to someone else.

But one day you work through the hurdles of that job or find a new one (or create one!) that is more pleasing and aligned with what you want. One day you slowly figure out your financial situations. You start waking up a little earlier to get that workout in. You somehow get out bed and you get out of the house and breathe in some fresh air and you live another day.

It sucks, but I got news for you guys. There’s always going to be a struggle. The struggle isn’t going away. It is here to stay. Because the struggle is not only real, it is a part of life. There’s emotional struggle. Financial struggle. Mental struggle. Sometimes the struggle is so real that your struggles have their own struggle.

There’s always something trying to break us mentally, physically, or emotional. Just when you think you’ve conquered one struggle and life is going swell, there’s another struggle just waiting for you right around the corner. It never ends.

But guess what? One day you’ll wake up and realize that you are worth more. One day you will wake up and realize that you are worth the struggle. You’ll figure it out and you will master the struggle. And then the one after that. Your struggle will make you stronger.

The struggle is real, you guys. It has never been more real.

Empower Yourself and Don’t Give Up

As I mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been freelancing with Selz and they’ve offered me a few bucks to include links to their popular posts from time to time. With that said, I will be sharing a few links in this blog post (see below) that can empower you and give you ideas and tips to get going on your creative and business endeavors. Also, any money I make from links added in this blog post will be donated to Puerto Rico (more on PR below).

I know a lot of you are self-starters and creative people! Sometimes it’s really difficult get started on your endeavors (trust me, I know that struggle! I LIVE that struggle!). Whether you want to start writing and selling ebooks online, selling products online, generate ebook ideas or start a kick-ass business, the struggle is real! The struggle is always real!

But instead of complaining about it or beating yourself up (been there, done that – and sometimes still do that!), embrace it. Embrace the struggle and make it your bitch (or, you know, let it make you it’s bitch).

Sometimes you don’t know the answers (actually a lot of the times we don’t know the answers!). But we’re lucky. We live in a time where you can learn anything you want on your own without having to commit to a classroom schedule, buy useless textbooks, or pay a ton of money for an education we think we need. You want to learn how to sell online? Then learn! Seriously, if you want to learn how to start an online clothing store, you can do it. I mean, if Sophia Amoruso can do it, then anyone can, right? If you want to learn how to start a t shirt business, start drafting a plan of attack.

A lot of the time we feel like we can’t do something because we don’t have the right resources or knowledge. But that is a myth! Learning something – learning anything has never been more easier.

These posts might interest you!

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So Let’s Help Puerto Rico

There’s so many things happening in this world right now and it’s difficult to know where to direct our energy. Everyone needs help. Texas. Florida. Mexico. The Caribbean.

Unfortunately, there are places that aren’t getting the media coverage that is needed. For example, after Houston was flooded, a part of South Asia was flooded as well and it hit just as hard as Houston. But this part of the world doesn’t get talked about as much as western parts of the world. Why is that?

And then there’s Puerto Rico, a part of America that has been strongly affected by Hurricane Maria and isn’t getting enough coverage by the media. About 3.4 million American (yes, American – Puerto Rico is a part of America) citizens are without power and lacking basic necessities like food and water, and it could take months to restore power.

It’s heartbreaking. Once I get paid in a few of days for this post, that money will go to one of the following places listed below. Honestly, I never know where the best places to donate to are but hopefully they’re all helping the people who really need it. I encourage you to do the same – even if it’s a dollar.

Ways to Help Puerto Rico

United for Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund

Carmelo Anthony Puerto Rico Relief Fund

Puerto Rico & Caribbean Hurricane Relief Fund

President Barack Obama recently tweeted: We’re expanding our efforts to help Puerto Rico & the USVI, where our fellow Americans need us right now. Join us at

You can also see if there are organizations in your local town that are collecting clothes, food, water, diapers, etc to transport over to Puerto Rico. Whatever you can do. Even if it’s sharing how others can help.

Our struggle may not look the same as everyone but we’re all going through something. We all have our own problems, setbacks and challenges.

Finally, I leave you with this clip from The View.

*UPDATE: I decided to donate to the first link I provided, United for Puerto Rico.*

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