Hobart’s First Impressions


Upon landing, I could already see the amazing landscape from my airplane window seat and it took my breath away.

I only had about a day and a half to explore the city of Hobart on my own before I started my 3-day tour in Tasmania. After arriving into the city, I dropped my things off and walked around in search for food. It’s summer now; the sun doesn’t set until late – about 9 or so, so I had plenty of daylight exploring time.

IMG_6166The city is incredibly small and charming. All I really did was walk around on foot, and it’s impossible to get lost. And even if you do, you’ll find you’re back by making a right here and left there and somehow you’re back to where you need to be.

IMG_6189The waterfront is nearby and had amazing views of mountainous landscapes. The weather was lovely on my first day. The second day, however, had on and off rain though I still went out to for a long walking day of exploring to get a sense of Hobart.

IMG_6168I didn’t do much sight seeing, but walking around was enough to get a good first impression.

IMG_6205Here are the things I didn’t get to do in my short time in Hobart but would like to do next time:

  • Visit Mt Wellington – this was my plan for day two but I didn’t have a great night’s sleep the night before and the day was rainy. I had the opportunity to take a shuttle for $30 to the mountain and admire it for about 30 minutes. Since I was doing a 3-day tour anyway (which didn’t include Mt Wellington), I figured I’d still see pretty things.
  • The ferry to the Mona Museum (The Museum of Old and New Art) – OK, I was more excited to take the ferry to the Museum than actually go to the museum. I didn’t get to do either.
  • Salamanca Place – a popular Saturday market. At least three different people told me that I had to go to this market. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in town for a Saturday so I had to miss it.

The things I missed are just another reason to come back! Next time I would like to travel Tassie a bit differently and here are the things I would like to do (whenever that will be):

  • Take the city Ferry From Melbourne to Tasmania. I heard it was amazing but couldn’t afford to take it.
  • Hire a car and drive around Tassie. I would ideally like to find a travel companion so I don’t have to tackle driving on the other side of the road, alone.
  • Stay in a nice hotel (for at least one night). Am I taking it too far? A girl can dream, can’t she?

Hobart’s first impressions really won me over (even in the rain). It’s cute, small and pretty.


Random Cat Photo

Random Cat Photo

Hobart Thinks You're ‪#‎Beautiful‬

Hobart Thinks You’re ‪#‎Beautiful‬


Rain Selfie

Rain Selfie

IMG_6200 IMG_6207IMG_6162

Have you been to Tasmania? How do you feel about small towns?





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  1. My partner is from Tasmania and we recently visited his parents there for Christmas and I absolutely love it. Much of its quaintness reminds me of back home in the UK but with nicer weather! Mount Wellington and Salamanca are definitely places to visit next time you go back 🙂

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook
    Lizzy recently posted…2014 RoundupMy Profile

  2. I live here and love seeing other people’s impressions of the place. The charm and size is what so absolutely appeals. Love your photos and yes, a travelling companion is a must for next time. Not just to help with the driving but to share the joy and experiences with – new things are always better with someone, especially a local who can learn to see things through your eyes. Gives us all a new appreciation.

    • It’s hard sometimes not sharing experiences with others, and sometimes I do want to take trips with someone. Next time, perhaps, I’ll find someone to travel Tassie with 🙂

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