12 Reasons Why My First Hostel In Australia Spoiled Me

Greetings from Brisbane!

2014-05-10 17.09.40I decided to move here after 5 very emotional, confusing, OMG-I-DON’T-KNOW-WHAT-I’M-DOING-WITH-MY-LIFE weeks in Sydney.

So I decided to go somewhere slightly warmer. I decided to go to another state. I decided to go to another city. I hopped on an airplane, and voilà! New city. New state! New beginning!

2014-05-08 16.49.01 2014-05-08 15.31.32Then I walked into the hostel, and I realized how much I was spoiled by the hostel in the Sydney.

Like, REALLY spoiled.

I haven’t stayed in too many hostels in my lifetime but I’ve stayed in enough to know how it works. If you’ve never stayed in a hostel, basically you pay for a place to sleep. You usually sleep in a shared room with strangers, unless you want to be all fancy and get a private room. You’ll usually have the option of booking the room in a same sex shared room or mixed shared room.

I personally like to read reviews before booking. But after staying at the Big Hostel in Sydney, and then coming over to Brisbane, I can’t help but feel like Big Hostel kind of spoiled me. Like, REALLY spoiled me.

And so, my beautiful readers, I give you:


2014-04-26 21.48.30

#1 The Free WiFi

It wasn’t perfect. Sometimes it was really slow. But it was free. And I don’t know about you guys, but I like free. It was fine for the most part. Apparently not having free WiFi in hostels in Australia is a common thing. And since I paid for 7 days for WiFi, I might as well make good use out of it and write a blog post about how annoying it is to pay for WiFi.

(This blog post is brought to you by paid WiFi. You’re welcome.)

#2 The Free Breakfast

It wasn’t perfect. But it was free. And I don’t know about you guys, but I like free. I was spoiled with different types of bread and different types of spreads and two different types of cereal. And it was free. And I tried to eat ALL the bread. Because free.



Sometimes I’d make a PBJ sandwich and eat it for lunch. And it was amazing. Mostly because it was free. And I don’t know about you guys, but I like free.

#3 The Big Lockers Or Just Lockers

This is probably the most annoying thing. I can’t store my valuables. Well, I guess I can. But I have to pay a crazy amount of money and I’m already paying for WiFi and OMG-WHY-IS-LIFE-SO-HARD. So I walk around with my heavy backpack. ALL THE TIME. My roommates said they won’t steal anything and I believe them. I really do. But I can’t relax when I’m walking around the city knowing that someone might take my things. I even carry around things that aren’t valuable to anyone. Like my journal. With my private thoughts.

Don't Touch My Journal, Yo

Don’t Touch My Journal, Yo

But if my bag is gone, then I’m screwed. I’ll have no money, no passport, and laptop. I’ll be screwed. I’ll have to live underneath a bridge. And as lovely as all the bridges are here in this beautiful country, I REALLY don’t want to live underneath one.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

A Bridge In Brisbane. I Don't Know What It's Called. Leave Me Alone.

A Bridge In Brisbane. I Don’t Know What It’s Called. Leave Me Alone.

#4 The Paper Towels In The Bathroom

OMG the paper towels in the bathroom.

#5 The Soap In The Bathroom

OMG the soup in the bathroom.

#6 The Plates And Bowls And Forks And Knives And Everything

The kitchen wasn’t perfect, but it had things that we needed. Like bowls. And plates. And knifes. And forks. And spoons. And everything. Here I have to put down a deposit for a HUGE box for a bowl, plate, knife, spoon, fork, and cup. Sometimes they’re dirty. Sometimes they’re chipped. And I’m being such a diva right now.

2014-04-19 10.15.29

Ohh! Plate!

#7 The Option To Shower Or Going To The Bathroom Whenever You Want

I am currently living in room with eight people. And we ALL share ONE bathroom. Yup. Back in Sydney I also shared a room with eight people. However, there were three showers. And three toilets. You’d have to leave the room to go and use them, but it was almost always free to use whenever I needed to. I was really living the life there.

#8 The Common Area Room

I always met people in the common room. I’d usually just go down for the free WiFi or to try to make something in the kitchen. However, it was quite a social hostel. People watched movies, had conversations, made bread, and just chilled. There’s a common room here but it ain’t all that.

Look. Someone is making bread.

Look. Someone is making bread.

#9 The Friendly Staff

The staff were really friendly at Big. Some even knew me by name. They wrote down directions for me, asked me how I was doing, and offered advice. Here I barely get a hello from the staff.

Matt From Big Wrote Down Directions On How To Get To The Blue Mountains Even Though I Could Have Just Googled It. Step One: "Open The Front Door" He Wrote.

Matt From Big Wrote Down Directions On How To Get To The Blue Mountains Even Though I Could Have Just Googled It. Step One: “Open The Front Door” He Wrote.

#10 The Space In The Room (Aka Making Myself At Home) 

I stayed in an all girls shared room with 8 beds for 5 weeks in Sydney. My crap was everywhere. Well, mostly underneath my bed. And my valuables were in my really big locker. And although there were 8 beds in the room, there was plenty of room to do pushups or cartwheels or something. Not that I ever did pushups or cartwheels. But you never know.

Awesome German Girl Just Making Her Self At Home

Awesome German Girl Just Making Herself At Home

Ohh! Space!

Ohh! Space!

#11 The Coffee (Even If It Was Instant)

There was free instant coffee or tea available at all times. It wasn’t perfect. But it was free. And I don’t know about you guys, but I like free.

2014-04-27 17.54.24

#12 Filtered Water

Oh, God. The filtered water.

So as you can see, I was spoiled. Like, REALLY spoiled. I miss the soap and paper towels. I miss the cups and plates and knives and all that jazz. I miss the free WiFi. I miss the lockers. I miss the space in my room. But I can’t stay in one place forever because of the free wifi and instant coffee and lockers. Can I?

Big Hostel. You've Spoiled Me.

Big Hostel. You’ve Spoiled Me.


Have you stayed in many hostels? What was your experience?

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  1. BIG isn’t perfect, but I loved it. It’s still a bit of home in Sydney for me. I always found the people that stayed there were really good for the most part. Didn’t have the rude roomies I had in so many other hostels, and I stayed at BIG a lot.
    Heather recently posted…Where I’ve beenMy Profile

  2. The lack of lockers is such a problem.

    I was relatively chilled about it a lack of lockers, actually, and just padlocked my valuables into my rucksack.Then on our last night in Buenos Aires, a man broke into our hostel with a pistol.

    He herded everyone into a dorm room and tied their hands with plastic zip ties. And he went around the room, slashing into bags to get their valuables. This hostel actually had lockers (I was using one) and they were left untouched.

    Ever since, I’ve not been complacent about lockers. The other guests in your dorm might be super nice people who wouldn’t break into your bag, but you can never predict who else will have access to the room! A sturdy locker is a good deterrant to anyone, whereas a canvas bag is not.
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