Justin Timberlake’s In Australia – Well, Don’t Mind If I Do

photo(17)OBSESSED doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about JT.

After seeing him in Chicago from the VIP section, I was convinced that THAT would be it.

This Would Be It

This Would Be It

But then that son of a bitch came to Australia.

In all fairness, I knew that he would be coming to Australia when I was in Chicago preparing for my move to OZ. But since I needed my money for travel, food, and shelter, I told myself that I wouldn’t go.

And, of course, I couldn’t exactly buy a ticket then because:

A) I had just seen him in concert (from the 12th row from the stage might I add).

B) I couldn’t get a ticket because I had no idea where I would end up in Australia.  Sure, I started out in Sydney. But would I stay there? I didn’t know.

C) I needed money for my travels and to pay my rent.

So I decided not to go.

End of discussion.

But then something happened.

My Australian journey led me to Melbourne. And, one day, just out of curiosity, I looked up his Australia tour dates.

And guess what? Just go ahead and guess! You’ll never guess.

It turned out that JT was playing not one but two shows in Melbourne.

And guess where? Just go ahead and guess! You’ll never guess.

Right outside of my bedroom window.

OK, well he wasn’t exactly performing right outside of my bedroom window. But I could see the stadium from my bedroom window, and it was literally a 5 minute walk from where I live.

Outside Of My Bedroom Window Where JT Will Perform Just For ME

Outside Of My Bedroom Window Where JT Will Perform Just For ME

And that’s when that obsessive-crazed feeling that lives deep inside of me took over my body and mind.

How could I sit at home knowing that he’ll be RIGHT THERE. How can I live with myself if I did such a thing? I’m pretty sure that’s against the law or something.

In that moment looking out of my bedroom window, glazing at the Etihad Stadium, I decided to go.

While browsing through the ticket options, I remembered how I went alone to the Chicago show, and how I will probably end up going alone again.

And I’ve stated before, and I’ll state again that it’s perfectly acceptable to go to social events, gatherings, and anything alone. Don’t wait on others to do the things that you want to do. Unless you’re going to a male strip show, then maybe not go alone. Unless you want to, then by all means, go to a male strip show alone.

I figured if I can get someone to go with me, I’d be forced to buy a general admission ticket because nobody in their right minds would spend the crap load of money I was willing to spend.

I glanced at my roommates who were in their own world and I thought I’d give it a shot to see if they wanted to attend.

I asked two of my roommates – one from Thailand and one from Taiwan. And they both looked at me like I was crazy when I asked them if they wanted to go. It turns out that they didn’t even know who Justin Timberlake was. How is that even possible?????

I quickly pulled up a YouTube video of JT’s SexyBack music video. Then I threw my hands in the air and shouted, “I’m bringing Sexy Back!”

They still had no idea who he was.

Then I showed them Nsync’s Bye Bye Bye music video to see if that would ring a bell. One of them said the song sounded familiar, but not enough to know who they were.

Then I showed them the tote a bag that I received with my VIP package in Chicago that says “Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience World Tour”. I brought it with me to OZ and use as a purse sometimes.

Then I pulled out my t-shirt that I also received with My Chicago VIP package, which I also brought with me to OZ.

2014-05-13 16.18.42

Just Hanging Out In Brisbane With JT Tee. No Biggie.

My roommates continued to give me crazy looks. It was obvious that they didn’t want to go to a show for a guy who they didn’t even know.

That didn’t mean that I still couldn’t go though.

I looked at ticket options. And, well, I was considering the general admission ticket but…

It said that it was standing.

I don’t do standing.

The last time I did a standing concert I was a freshman in high school and a friend invited me to a rock show where I learned all about the art of mosh pits. People dropped people on top of people. My high school friend lost her glasses. And I lost her camera that I was taking pictures with because she was too shy to take pictures herself. That was the day I learned that moshing wasn’t my thing.

Not that JT’s concerts have most pits. But this particular show in OZ had standing tickets as an option.

And, well, I don’t do standing.


  • I’m short. There will ALWAYS be someone taller standing in front of me.
  • I don’t like a bunch of people in my space, especially if they’re grinding up against each other or accidentally spilling beer on me.

And, besides, how I can see the show from the general admission section when the last time I saw JT, he was so close, I could feel the sweat.

It’s like flying First Class and then you have to fly coach.

It’s like staying in a fancy-schmancy hotel with really good champagne and then staying in a hostel shared-room with 10 other people and drinking water.

It’s like drinking really good coffee from your favorite cafe and then having to drink instant coffee.

You should probably note that I’ve never actually flown first class or stayed in a fancy-schmancy hotel unless you count the Holiday Inn as fancy-schmancy. I did, however, fly Business Class once many, many years ago from India to the States because they overbooked our flight and had to upgrade us. My dad was really excited and he made me take a picture with the lady sitting near us.

Business Class.. Whaa?

Business Class.. Whaa?

Erm, anyway, where was I?

Oh, yes, Justin Randall Timberlake.


I somehow ended up buying a VIP package. Again. However, it wasn’t the same as the Chicago show. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m in another country, and the stadium was structured a bit differently, but it wasn’t the same.

I think it’s because I was in the 12th row last time, and the VIP package I purchased guaranteed me that I would be somewhere in the first 20 rows. I guess I was secretly half-expecting to be in the 12th row again.

But I quickly learned that OZ does things a bit differently then the States. The VIP package VIP I purchased had a specific name: Mirrors VIP Hot Seat. And, also, OZ is a hell of a lot more expensive then the States, so I ended up paying more then what I did in Chicago. Although the structure, set-list, and dance moves were almost the same. This concert experience was very different – not because of where I was seated. But because I didn’t feel that sense of guilt I did the first time around.

Instead I felt… fabulous.

I gave myself permission to be fabulous. I wasn’t afraid to go alone. I actually kind of preferred it.

I Give Myself Permission To Be Fabulous.

I Give Myself Permission To Be Fabulous.

And, also, I had just gotten a contract role for a few weeks when I purchased the ticket, which literally saved my butt financially, which meant that I was still in no position to spend such money to see JT but since I had some source of income coming in, I figured it was OK. And it made me happy. And, I don’t know about you guys, but I like being happy.

But you want to know what the scary thing is? I think even if I didn’t have that source of temporary income, I still would have purchased the ticket. I’m afraid to find out what my inner obsessive side would have done.

But I wanted to go, and I was very OK in my decision to do so.

In fact, I was more than OK. I want to be able to give myself everything that I’ve ever wanted. I want to treat myself with the fabulousness that I deserve. And that doesn’t necessary mean expensive concert tickets. It might mean a coffee and a walk on the beach. It might mean going out to dinner once in awhile instead of eating instant noodles all of the time. It might mean watching a beautiful sunset. It might mean finding a cafe or a library and giving myself writing time. It might mean pursuing my dream of travel. It might mean pursuing every single dream that I’ve ever had.

It might mean giving myself everything that I’ve ever wanted and more.

Give yourself everything that you’ve ever wanted — because you deserve it.

Give yourself permission to be fabulous.

So…do you want to know how the concert was? Of course you do! I mean, you did make it down this far to this JT obsessed blog post! Let’s get to it.

Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience World Tour. Aussie Style.

I was in in the second row. However, the stage was far from me, and the there was a huge standing crowd in front of me — I was still able to see everything. The seats were still great. The stage was just far.

The Standing Crowd

The Standing Crowd

Since I already knew what was going to happen in the show… I wasn’t as surprised when the platform rose from the stage and started to move towards the crowd. But I was really excited when he came really close to me during the second half of the show.

Like, really close.

Love Me Some JT <3

Love Me Some JT <3

I met a lovely girl from Signopore who is spending her holiday following JT around OZ. She’s going to 6 shows in total. (And you guys thought I was crazy.) We really hit it off and even hung out a couple days later. And all I really had to do was turn to her and introduce myself, and the next thing I knew we’re adding each other on Facebook.

photo(16)Here is some of my JT swag (along with the hat I’m wearing in the picture above).


Here is me trying to get a selfie with JT.

DSCF0150Here is me trying again.

DSCF0128JT and his fine self.

DSCF0067I really love this picture.

DSCF0124JT bringing Sexy Back ( ha ha- see what I did there?)

DSCF0134JT saying hello to the fans.

DSCF0144DSCF0145And Now A Few Videos To Share

Summer Love

Holy Grail/ Cry Me A River

Elvis Presley – Heartbreak Hotel Cover

Whoa! There you have it! My second Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience.

I’m obsessed, and I give myself permission to be fabulous and embrace everything that I am. And so should you.

If you would like to read about my Chicago JT concert experience — you can do so here.

If you would like to read about the Legends of The Summer — A concert I went to last year featuring JT and Jay-Z, you can do that here.

If you think I’m completely delusional and love it, well, thank you.

If you think I’m completely delusional and are rolling your eyes right now, well, who asked you anyway, you jerk-face.

Have you been to a Justin Timberlake concert? Have you gone to any concert alone? Do you like to treat yourself once in awhile or all the time? Are you obsessed about someone or something and OMG-YOU-MUST-GO?





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  1. Hi! JT is actually from my home town so I’ve seen him a few times. I saw the 20/20 tour this year in Boston… Was it not the BEST show you have ever seen? I’ve seen tonnssss of concerts but this one just blew me away. The level of talent that man has is absurd! Oh and sometimes life is better flying solo 😉
    Ashley recently posted…SHAKY KNEES, NEPALESEMy Profile

    • I think it’s because he’s so active his shows, He dances and sings and entertains the hell out of the audience. AND he does it all in suit. He’s amazing and I love him, and want to have his babies.

      Um, what I’m trying to say is, thanks for the comment, Ashley! 🙂

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