The Wanaka Tree

img_0719Wanaka was one of my favorite places in New Zealand. It was a small, quiet town. It was beautiful.

When I arrived in Wanaka, I had no idea that there was a famous tree until I met another American girl who invited me to check it out one evening.

While I was traveling around New Zealand I had a dangerous habit of saying yes to almost anything. I think it was my irrational fear of missing out on life. I accepted her invitation and we walked alongside Lake Wanaka to find this tree, and once we did I was surprised that there were so many visitors taking pictures of one of New Zealand’s hidden gems.

The Wanaka Tree was stunning and almost magical, as it stood so isolated and alone surrounded by water and landscapes in the background. There were at least a dozen birds resting perfectly on the branches. It didn’t look real. But then nothing in New Zealand looked real.

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