Yarra Valley Wine Tour (Or Gimmie All The Wine)


Are you ready?

Drink wine and eat cheese.

No? That’s not a real thing, you say? Well, who asked you anyway?

Last weekend I went on my first wine tour in Yarra Valley (a popular wine region in Victoria). And, it was a pleasant time.

I was expecting to be all fancy pants, and carefully and mindfully taste different types of wine and spit it out and refresh my palate with water and then repeat.

But that’s not exactly how it happened. It went more like this:

“Wine! Wine! Gimme! Gimme!”

I didn’t really learn anything – except that maybe 10 different tastings adds up to about two-ish full glasses of wine.

I also learned that when you’re tasting wine, you should always go for the most expensive ones.

I'll Taste The Three Billion Sixty Million Sixty-Six Thousand Nine Hundred Dollar Wine Please.

I’ll Taste The Three Billion Sixty Million Sixty-Six Thousand Nine Hundred Dollar Wine Please.

Yarra Valley was gorgeous – absolutely stunning, and there was wine. The day was beautiful, and there was wine. The sun was out, and there was wine. The people were nice, and there was wine.

Did I mention that there was wine?

Ohhh, Wine. Gimmie!

Ohhh, Wine. Gimmie!

I’ve heard many tales about how Aussies have a “laid back, care-free” lifestyle, and I never knew what everyone was talking about until I went on this wine tour.

The day started off with beautiful Yarra Valley scenery viewing.

wine tourAnd then tasting five different types of fancy wines


More Wine, Please.

This would be the part where I’d tell you all about the five fancy wines I tasted. Only I can’t because I can’t remember. Or maybe I wasn’t listening. Or maybe I was just distracted with all the wines.

I can, however, tell you how they tasted (from what I remember).

One was bitter. A few were sweet. One, in particular, was really sweet – tasted like candy or a glass full of sugar or a fancy-schmancy cocktail. I could drink a whole bottle of that stuff – whatever it was called.

While taking in the scenery, I noticed that the majority of the crowd on this wine tour was American. Now, you would think this is normal but I’ve hardly met any Americans since I’ve been in Australia. I’ve meet a few Canadians, tons of Germans, Brits, and others from various European and Asian countries. But Americans? Hardly any. So I was quite surprised when they were all on this wine tour.

Just Say The Word Wine And You Will See All The Americans

Just Say The Word Wine And You Will See All The Americans

After our first stop, we briefly went to some type of chocolate factory where I had ice cream (espresso chocolate) and then had to eat it really, really fast because it was melting really, really fast and dripping all over my fancy-schmancy dress (a dress that you all made me buy because of your comments in this post and where you were all OMG-YOU-MUST-BUY-THE-DRESS).

This Is One Scoop

This Is One Scoop

During lunchtime, we had a choice between a few different (but similar) restaurants. I wandered into one of them and saw a sign that said “cheese” and I became really excited because if there’s one thing in life that I appreciate more than anything, it’s cheese

Ohh, Cheese.

Ohh, Cheese.

While I was taking pictures of all the cheeses, the host of the tour invited me to join her and a group of people from the tour for lunch.

The menu was quite pricy, but since a bunch of us were splitting everything, it wasn’t that bad. We ordered a fancy cheese platter along with a fancy bottle of white wine. It was a 2013 Innocent Bystander Pinot Gris. And the only reason I know that is because I quickly jotted the name down before the waitress took the menu away.

It was in this moment when the sun was shining on me and I was trying to eat more of the cheese than anyone else without anyone from my table noticing while casually sipping my glass of fancy pants wine, I felt relaxed and at ease.

This type of feeling is very rare for me as I am a very intense, paranoid, worry-about-everything type of person.

Everyone else also seemed to be relaxed and “care-free” as well.

And I think it was because of this:

DSCF1059And this:

DSCF1061I tried a couple more tastings at the restaurant before we went to a couple more wineries for more tastings. The day turned out to be pretty fun.

Also, I’ve decided that life is a whole lot better with wine. Like, really good fancy pants wine. None of that $5 drug store crap.

Life. Better. With. Wine.

Life. Better. With. Wine.


Wine Makes You Take A Picture In The Middle Of The Road.

Wine Makes You Take A Picture In The Middle Of The Road.

And Appreciate The Beauty In Everything.

And Appreciate The Beauty In Everything.

Have you ever gone a wine tour? Do you love wine? Share!

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  1. I’m so glad you found this feeling because THIS is what these travel days should be like more often than not. Okay, maybe most days can’t be that combo of perfect bliss (I remember having one absolutely perfect day in September of my trip), but this is what we’re after 🙂

    Last night we walked to the closest grocery store because Gav wanted ice cream. And I decided to browse the wine section while he was browsing his. And I saw so many bottles of Aussie shiraz that I had to leave with one. So I chose the St. Kilda one — makes me think of you in Melbourne and all of the lovely food that Australia has to offer. When I have a glass, I’ll think of you! Hey, maybe we should Skype and enjoy some Aussie wine together?!

    • This tour was a lot fun, and I’m glad I got to experience it. Victorians love their wine, and I ain’t complaining 😉

      And, yes, Skype. You and Me and Wine. Although it will be a bit difficult as I have a limited access to WiFi now, but let’s make it happen 🙂

    • Rebekah, I have no idea how I will survive if I ever move to Asia. More than 50% of my body fat is cheese. And the other is wine.

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